Shinakyogi Bento Wrap


"Kyogi (sutra wood)" is a thin board of coniferous wood that was first used for writing sutras around the 7th century. As time passed, it was used for wrapping food and preserving fish and meat. Like Ohitsu, it absorbs moisture well and keeps onigiri (rice balls) and other foods tasty. It can also be used at the bottom of lunch boxes to absorb juices. It has excellent air permeability and antibacterial properties and also prevents rotting.

This kyogi is made from the aromatic and gentle "shina (linden)" wood from Hokkaido.

Set of 20 (wrap and string)
size: approx. 150×480㎜
weight:  approx. 140g
made in Japan
wrap is made from linden, string is made from hinoki cypress.

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