About Us

enware is located on the south side of Nagano prefecture’s Yatsugatake mountains.   The Suwa area, in which enware is located, has story going back almost 10,000 years ago to the beginning of Japanese civilization – otherwise known as the Jomon period (Japanese stone-age). At that time, people lived in the foothills of the Yatsugatake Mountains, establishing one of the biggest communities in Japan at that time. People led a serene lifestyle that allowed them to pursue a high level of artistry and skill in their crafts. Even today, people in the Suwa area continue to lead a life living in harmony with nature; their cuisine, farming and crafts all attuned to the cycle of the seasons. 

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) have been a hot topic worldwide in recent years. However, it has been practiced for centuries in the world of Japanese traditional craftsmanship.

As our modern lifestyle of plastic consumption and use and disposal of other industrial products is beginning to be reassessed, Japanese crafts and craftwork great importance from an ecological point of view.

Crafts are made by artisans who devote their time, creating high quality works that age beautifully over time. In the world of crafts, this longevity is what sustainability is all about.