sufuto silk card case


Unlike most textiles, tsuzure-ori weave hides the longitudinal warp threads, creating a unique unevenness to the design. Paired with the lustre of the silk threads, the final product has a luxurious and beautifully textured surface.

Each silk business card holder is hand woven by artisans using a traditional wooden loom. Despite being a solid color, the weaving process requires a high level of skill.

These custom-made silk thread cases are the result of discovering the incredible functionality of the ancient Japanese sewing technique called "chidori-gake", wherein the stitch is staggered to allow movement and flexibility. Typical business card holders have gussets that fold inwards like a paper bag, resulting in thick fabric overlap. Thus, to accommodate the thickness of the gussets, the pockets have to be made larger.

The staggered thread structure of chidori-gake, on the other hand, is quite flexible, making gussets unnecessary and creating a simple yet elegant card case.

Thanks to its slim shape, the card case can be placed in an inside pocket of a jacket without compromising the overall silhouette, and the golden ratio (1:1.618) of the overall shape is designed to make it look beautiful, even when placed on a desk.

First in the textile industry to receive the GOOD DESIGN AWARD in 2017.

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